Go Barging on The Palmiet River

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Wafting down the Palmiet River in a barge really is the ideal way to soak in breathtaking scenery without having to navigate a map. In fact the only thing with which you need concern yourself is what to drink and when to stretch and sip. The river is slow flowing, ideal for a gentle amble past apple and pear orchards and spectacular mountains. If you spot another human it’s likely they’re either steering the boat or part of your group.

Custom-crafted vessel

Bradley, Daniel or Kiall will navigate your safe departure and return and will happily answer any questions along the way. The barge is custom-crafted and caters for a minimum of six and a maximum of 15. It’s best to reserve your spot a week in advance and tell the staff what you’d like on board by way of drinks and snacks as they pack according to your specific requirements. Do request the Mofam wine produced from grapes grown along the river. The cool climate range includes two savignon blancs, a viognier, a rosé and a pinot noir.

All year round

The cruise is year round and well planned for. While there isn’t a prescribed cruise time, sunset on the Palmiet River is particularly breathtaking. Summer evenings are warm and balmy and winter evenings clear and cool. You might need a jacket on a cool evening but the staff will also provide cosy barge blankets.

What it costs

Guests staying at the Mofam River Lodge can charge the cruise to their room while day visitors can settle their account when they return to shore. The cruise lasts for 45 to 60 minutes and the cost is R100 per person including snacks or R60 per person without snacks. Drinks are extra.

Why you won’t want to leave

Mofam River Lodge has so much to offer on and off the river. Browse the website to plan a romantic getaway or a family outdoor adventure. Chances are, once you’ve done the cruise you won’t want to leave just yet. If you time it properly you’ll have just enough time to freshen up for lunch or dinner at Mofam’s riverside Flavours Restaurant.

To book: +27 21 846 8345 / www.mofam.co.za

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